Bigfoot Horror Movie Calling the Spirit Previews


The first trailer for Dark Star Pictures’ Evocation of the Ghost teases a disturbing and creepy Bigfoot horror movie.

Directed by Jon Garcia, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay alongside Zach Carter, calling the Spirit is a new bigfoot horror movement that will be released in August. 2023. The film will be produced by Michael Repsch, Joe Jatcko and Lacy Todd, with Carla Berkowitz, Jim Kierstead, Williams Fernandez and Michael Rubin serving as executive producers.

What is the calling of the Spirit about?

“EVOCATION OF THE SPIRIT follows Carla (Krystal Millie Valdes) and Dean (Ernesto Reyes, “American Gods “), who decide to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and buy a house in the remote forest, ” the official summary says. “They have big plans for their new quiet life, only to find something much more sinister. The couple quickly realizes that they are on the land of a cult, and the leader claims to have a telepathic connection with a legendary carnivorous animal deep in the forests around them. Carla and Dean are forced to uncover the terrible truth of the cult’s prophecy.”

calling the Spirit premiered for the first time at the Miami Film Festival in March 2023. “[calling the Spirit] is a great addition to the sub-sub genre of bigfoot horror,” Gregg Hale, producer of the 1999 Blair Witch Project and executive producer of the 2016 Blair Witch sequel, said of the film. “The film turns convention on its head with a fresh take on Sasquatch while still conveying the fun and the fear.”

Bigfoot has starred in a number of low-budget horror films in recent decades, including the 1972 docudrama The Legend of Boggy Creek, the 2015 Valley of the Sasquatch, and more. In 2013, Dark Star Pictures also released a separate bigfoot found footage horror film, Willow Creek, written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and starring Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson.

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