Let’s Scare Jessica to Death Movie Review


Many older horror heads and those looking for underrated classics have long known or already love the horrible paranoia of Let’s scare Jessica to passed away, but this illusory and hippie slow burn still needs more attention.

Zohra Lampert plays Jessica, recently released from a psychiatric institution. She goes to a remote farm to live comfortably with her husband and his free-spirited smacknik friends. strange and paranormal events begin to occur, and it is impossible for Jessica and those around her to discern whether they are supernatural or the result of her psychosis.

Let’s Scare Jessica To passed away is a strange product of his time and all the more strange for him. New elderly characters do something from the after 60s and “far away.”No person or thing seems connected to reality, as we sink into an ethereal paranoia with Jessica.

The setting includes stunning atmospheric horror hot spots, starting from a remote farm, vast woods, a large body of water and an old time in the town of sticks where the unwelcoming locals walk without a soul. The score is kept minimal, sometimes limited specifically to the haunting tones and the voices in Jessica’s head. Sound production with disorienting camera work

Let’s Scare Jessica To passed away is a dated film that benefits from age and a small budget. Its frightening course of events blends naturally with the slow and artistic work of the camera, while the psychological terror is built up with subtlety. We, the public, are forced to sincerely ask ourselves whether this nightmare is paranormal or purely psychological. As the “scares” creep in, they frighten in addition to the already disturbing and unshakable feeling that begins from the beginning of the film and never ceases. You will read the word “atmospheric” several times throughout this piece, or really in any piece of writing about old horror movies. I’m not saying half-heartedly that Let’s scare Jessica to passed away is perhaps the most atmospheric of atmospheric gems. Soaked with paranoia and supernatural, indescribable horror. Marked mainly the whispers in Jessica’s mind. It’s a good moment that’s all the rage, and the scene of the “lady in a dress emerging from a lake” is still one of my favorite horror moments of all time.

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