Movie Deranged Confessions of a Necrophile Review


Of the many films based on the serial killer Ed Gein, Deranged is not one of the most famous, but it is a smart and unique horror festival that uses a partially mockumentary style and helps things rise to a frightening level. The brilliant character actor Roberts Blossom portrays Gein in an almost sympathetic way, leaving them unsure, at least at the beginning of the film, whether to feel bad or to be repelled, before committing one hell of an act after another.

We follow Ezra Cobb, a sad old, lonely farmer in rural Wisconsin who lives with and takes care of his bedridden, overbearing mother (Cosette Lee). After her passed away, Ezra is alone, lost and free. He snaps, robbing her grave and showing an increasing fascination for corpses.

Deranged is nightmarishly trippy and especially disturbing because Blossoms comes across as a convincingly disturbed but tormented and practically pathetic main character. You kind of feel for Ezra, with his isolated rural life and his crazy mother. From an early age, there is a real sadness when Ezra is portrayed as a victim of his mother’s long-standing emotional mis-word. An eeriness creeps out from under the melancholy, permeates it, but they still feel almost empathetic, even when Ezra turns into a revolting maniac. When Ezra’s disturbing behavior begins – i.e. communication with corpses, persecution of innocent women in pubs, etc. – the mood quickly becomes restless. From then on, it’s all disturbing images and a dark character drama.

The directing team of Jeff Gillen and Alan Ormsby prefers a crazy psychological haunting and a creepy creep over total slash ’em antics, but the creepy events are eerie material, I promise you that. Deranged has blood, revolting looks and uncomfortable roughness. Oddly enough, good performances given the sheer scale of sleaze. A slight touch of humor, as the story is partly told through documentary news broadcasts. There are pictures that you will not forget so quickly, and a mood that you will not shake so easily. The strip becomes rough by nature and looks a bit surprisingly on a couple of attempted horrors, but it’s a 1974 film about a necrophile

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