Superman Legacy: Everything David Corenswet Needs to Do to Nail the Iconic Character


The casting process of Superman Legacy has already begun. The movie has just announced its casting for Lois Lane and Superman/Clark Kent himself. Actors Rachel Brosnahan and David Corenswet are the future of these iconic characters. Both actors have shown a range in other projects, with Rachel Brosnahan winning Emmy Awards. Corenswet, on the other hand, is not a prizewinner, but has a difficult task ahead of him. He is said to play one of the most famous characters in the pleasure media.

The characteristics of playing Superman/Clark Kent may sound simple on paper. What makes it a challenge is balancing these qualities. Corenswet has a big mission ahead of him to play this iconic character. To successfully play him, he needs to combine certain character traits.

Without combining the qualities of Clark and Superman, it can be difficult to bring him to life. The first necessary property comes from Clark Kent. To play Superman properly, Corenswet needs to find the balance between heart and humility.

Corenswet must reconcile heart and humility

One of the defining character traits of Clark Kent is his overwhelming kindness. No matter how silly the character is portrayed, he always pays attention to the little guy. Clark is someone who tries to help those who may not be able to help themselves. His ability to stand up for the little guy is a quality that has been instilled in him. While it’s something he learned from his father, Jor-El, it’s also something he learned from his adoptive parents.

Ma and Pa Kent taught Clark lessons that he took with him to be a hero. Both characters wanted to convey different values to him. Ma Kent (Martha Kent) taught Clark to have a heart. Pa Kent (Jonathan Kent) taught him more about topics of humility. His lessons were harder for Clark to learn, explaining that he could not save everyone.

It’s a lesson that forces Clark to make the most of his actions. Learning this from his father forces him to remain humble. Admitting to himself that he can’t always be a hero is one of the hardest lessons Clark can learn. This attitude can keep the character incredibly jaded, if not Martha Kent’s influence.

The influence of Ma and Pa Kent was best portrayed in Christopher Reeve’s Superman films. In these films, her teachings allowed Reeves to correctly embody Superman’s essence. He has balanced the character’s heart and humility in a way that James Gunn hopes to replicate.

Balancing these qualities can help Corenswet to preserve the original essence of the character. If this balance is struck correctly, he can easily manifest what it takes for Superman. To play Superman, Corenswet must embody other qualities.

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